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YESTECH is a leading global provider of automated optical inspection systems. Founded and managed by a team of industry experts with a history of success, YESTECH brings powerful, cost-effective yield enhancement solutions to the market. Our state-of-the-art automated optical, microelectronics, conformal coat and solder paste inspection …

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Automated Optical Inspection (AOI) Home Automated Optical Inspection (AOI) AOI stands for Automated Optical Inspection, which is an inspection tool and method in Printed Circuit Board …

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Optical sorting (sometimes called digital sorting) is the automated process of sorting solid products using cameras and/or lasers.. Depending on the types of sensors used and the software-driven intelligence of the image processing system, optical sorters can recognize objects' color, size, shape, structural properties and chemical composition. The sorter compares objects to user-defined ...

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Automated inspection using ISO ISO defines allowable defect sizes and the total area that they can cover, but it does not specify how mea-surements are to be performed. Since the smallest defect can be on the order of micrometers, manufacturers cannot rely on visual inspection…

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Automatic Optical Inspection (AOI) or automated optical inspection, is a key equipment used in the quality control of electronics printed circuit boards (PCB) and PCB Assembly (PCBA).Automatic optical inspection check the position of electronic component on PCBs, and the connections between them, to ensure PCBA can work well.

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The new 3D XE series: High-performance automatic optical inspection systems for inline or stand-alone use. Take advantage of full 3D AOI technology at a price that takes your breath away - all Made in Germany! The Advanced Line · 3D XE and Basic Line · 3D XE systems are ideally suited for small and medium batch sizes. Rely on high inspection ...

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Automated Optical Inspection. For Improved Yields and Process Control. Improve your inspection and metrology processes with CyberOptics' unparalleled portfolio of systems – The Ultimate combination …

What is an Automated Optical Inspection Machine (AOI)?

the automatic optical inspection or testing appliances has been developed to replace manual inspection. The words, Automated Optical Inspection imply that when used in the manufac‐ turing and assembly of PWBs, the nature of the inspection process itself, using digital machine vision and image processing, will give objective results.


Automatic optical inspection or automated optical inspection (in short, AOI ) is a key equipment used in the quality control of electronics printed circuit boards (PCB) and PCB Assembly (PCBA). Automatic optical inspection, AOI inspect the electronics assemblies, such as PCBs, to ensure that the items of PCBs are stand on correct position and the connections between them are right.

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AOI is the abbreviation of Automated Optical Inspection.. The main function of AOI to replace manual inspection for various defects in PCB. AOI plays an efficient, accurate, time-saving and cost-saving …

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Automatic or automated optical inspection, AOI, is a key technique used in the manufacture and test of electronics printed circuit boards, PCBs. Automatic optical inspection, AOI enables fast and accurate inspection of electronics assemblies and in particular PCBs to ensure that the quality of product leaving the production line is high and the ...

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(Automated Optical Inspection;AOI)とは、プリント(PCB)やディスプレイのにおける。 デバイスをカメラでスキャンし、(たとえば)や(たとえばフィレットのサイズ、やのみ)をするものである。

6 Steps of Automated Optical Inspection (AOI) Program ...

For PCB inspection, defects are checked such as shorts, opens and insufficient solder. For PCBA inspection, issues are inspected including component soldering, polarity and values. • Flexibility - Automated Optical Inspection …

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Automated optical inspection Last updated January 22, 2020. Automated optical inspection (AOI) is an automated visual inspection of printed circuit board (PCB) (or LCD, transistor) manufacture where a camera autonomously scans the device under test for both catastrophic failure (e.g. missing component) and quality defects (e.g. fillet size or shape or component skew).

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